The History of WHVH

Just a little bit of history ....


The original Village Hall was built in 1924 when the land was donated by Lucy Theodora Roscoe of the historic Lovelace farmstead of Woodcote who was also a major contributor to the initial cost of building.  Ownership was transferred to West Horsley Parish Council and the Village Hall was run by their Social Sub-Committee.   An extension of what is now the Rubin Room was funded by the local Women's Institute as a library for the village a few years later and a second building, affectionately called "the Hut", was also constructed.


Parish Council meeting minutes of this era record the three coin-operated gas meters being opened (the kitchen, the hall heating and the Hut) and the "takings" being noted.


In 1962, a significant extension was funded by Sir Eric Bowater who lived at Dene Place, having moved the head office of his company to West Horsley during the war. This created the current Main Hall kitchen, the side alcove in the Main Hall and the front of house ladies' toilets.   Shortly afterwards, the Cedar Room was built to replace the Hut.  At this time, the running of the Halls was handed over to a Management Committee (a separate registered charity) with the Parish Council still retaining ownership.


A new boiler room and front of house gents' toilet was added to the Main Hall in the 1990s and the Lobby between the Main Hall, the Cedar Room and the Rubin Room was created in 2000 when all three rooms were connected.


Today, WHVH is still run by the West Horsley Village Hall Management Committee.   The following individuals, all volunteers, currently serve as Trustees on the Management Committee:


Bob Spackman (Chairman)

Charles Hope (Vice-Chairman)

Tim Bennett

Elaine Best

Fran King

Roger Lindsay

Pam Martin

Ann Masset and

Sally Newman.


The day-to-day running of WHVH is taken care of by the Secretary/Treasurer, Julia Reardon Smith, who is easily contacted by either e-mail or telephone.

Contact Details

West Horsley Village Hall

The Street

West Horsley

Surrey, KT24 6DD


T: 01483 285454


Main contact: Julia Reardon Smith (Secretary/Treasurer)


Alternatively, please use the online Contact Form (on the "Contact Us" page) and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

Business Hours

Hiring hours:

WHVH is available for hire between the hours of 08:00-23:30 (Monday-Sunday).  If you wish to discuss hiring outside of these hours, please contact the Secretary.


Office hours:

Normal office hours of 09:00-17:00 (Monday-Friday only please).  If you are unable to reach the Secretary (who works part-time for WHVH), please either send an e-mail or leave a message on the WHVH answering machine and she will respond to you as soon as she can. 

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